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Cristina Frasier
Certified Judicial and Medical Interpreter

  • Spanish/English legal, medical, academic interpretation and translation services

  • Case Preparation and Expert Witness Testimony

  • Forensic Transcription Translation of audiovisual evidence

  • Interpreter training

  • Continuing education

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Expert Witness Testimony

Foreign language and cultural issues, Title VI compliance, Court Interpreter ethics and standards of practice, federal requirements for spoken and sign language provision, interpretation errors during police interrogations and arrests, etc.



 Court documents, criminal and civil discovery documents, etc

Private and Court Appointed



Virtual and in person attorney-client interviews, in court interpretation, group meetings, conferences, etc.

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Transcription and Translation of audio/video evidence

Audio/Video evidence in a language other than English must be transcribed-translated, and certified by a qualified interpreter/translator in order to be admissible as evidence in a court case.

The greatest resource most attorneys fail to take advantage of.


Currently teaching the 14-hour Ethics and Skills Building Workshop required for interpreters to begin the process of certification. 

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