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Welcome Future Interpreters!

To find out more about the full process to become a Certified Court Interpreter please vistit the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC)  or go to Frequently Asked Questions page

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Court interpretation is a specialized and highly demanding form of interpreting. It requires skills that few bilingual individuals, including language instructors, possess.  A trained and experienced court interpreter will not only allow the Limited English Proficiency individual (LEP) to better understand the confusing and intimidating legal chatter, but more importantly, it will allow attorneys to provide the best possible representation, with the best possible results for their clients. 


As a TN Certified Court Interpreter and Nationally Certified Medical Interpreter I have gained broad expertise in civil and criminal court interpretation, as well as conference interpretation, translation, transcription-translation of audio/video evidence, and expert witness testimony. As a foreign born Nationalized American, I have a unique perspective on the immigrant’s life experiences inside and outside the United States and I look forward to helping you reach your goals.

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